Friday, June 7, 2013

Curvy Girl Fashion Friday | 1

I made a new friend, the adorable oskarsmomma, on Instagram a few weeks ago and she does this fun link up on Fridays and I am going to join in this week.

It is called Curvy Girl Fashion Friday, and she post pictures of her cute outfits from the week. Since I am not very good at taking pictures of my outfits everyday during a week, I am going to use a few outfits from the last couple of weeks and make an effort next week to take some more pictures.

Apparently I wear a lot of dresses. Which isn't really true, because I don't wear dresses very often. Maybe that is why I take pictures in dresses. Anyway, the weather has started warming up here, so dresses are a pretty good choice.

And, I like stripes. Obviously.

 Dress: Target
Cardi: Target
Belt: LOFT
Shoes: Aerosole via


 Maxi Skirt: LOFT
Cardi: LOFT

  Top: Target
Cardi: LOFT
Belt: American Eagle
Pants: JCP (Worthington)

  Dress: Banana Republic
Necklace: Premier Designs
Shoes: TOMS

 Dress: Traget
Shoes: American Eagle

I also got a new 'do last night, which you can see in the last pic. I had Ashley, my lovely stylist, go  a little shorter on the cut then style it up for me because I was meeting some friends for drinks after my appointment. Last night after my appointment:

 Then I thought I would try styling it on my own for work today:


I really like the "up" style, but I wasn't so sure about doing it on my own and everyday, but most the folks at work today were nice about it so we will see about keeping it "up".

Head on over and check out the link-up at: 


  1. Super cute. We have very similar style. You look great with hair that short! I couldn't pull it off :)

  2. Super cute hair!! I found you through Jenn's link up, nice to meet you. I look forward to seeing more posts!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, though I am no rock star :) We need to get together again soon!

  4. LOVE the hair! Oh my it is adorable! Love the outfits... I wear yoga pants most days of the week so you only get one style photo a week from me! ;-) Found you through the Curvy Girl Link up!