Saturday, June 29, 2013

Curvy Girl Fashion Friday | 3

Conference Edition

So I had to go to Vegas this week for a safety conference. Because if you didn't know already, I am a safety nerd and that is what I do for work.

It was hot in Vegas this week, but if you attend any type of conferences you know that they run the AC at a brisk 62 degrees (or something close) and you loose the feeling in your toes because you are wearing sandal because it is 104 degrees.

Needless to say, dressing for this conference was a bit challenging for me. A lot of the attendees dressed really casually (jeans, shorts, t-shirts), but that is not me and I had "networking" and "face time" events to fit in during the day as well. I opted for comfortable, cool and still somewhat office attire. I ended up in sone variety of dress an cardigan every day.

 Dress: LOFT
Cardigan: LOFT
Sandals: Target
Bag: Outlet
Necklace: LOFT 

Dress: Target
Cardigan: LOFT
Sandals: unknown

 Dress: LOFT
Cardigan: LOFT
Sandals: Target
 Necklace: Premier Designs
Name Badge: ASSE
Skirt: LOFT
Cardigan: Old Navy
Tank: Old Navy
Belt: Target
Sandals: Old Navy
 Necklace: Lisa Leonard
Bag: Outlet

Monday and Wednesday were my favorites this week. Thursday was half meetings/half travel day so I went more for comfort for the flight home.

The pictures were a challenge as I had crappy lighting in my room and I wasn't up for trying to find some other place to snap them. Sometimes they were an after thought - hence the wrinkles in Tuesday's dress - I had finished the day and started to change when I remembered I needed a picture.

I missed Friday because I was brain dead and didn't take a picture.

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  1. I love your style and absolutely LOVE the pixie cut. I just recently gave my stylist the okay and had all of my hair chopped off-- so I'm trying to rock a pixie a la Ginnifer Goodwin right now. Would you consider doing a couple video tutorials on how you style your pixie? I've been searching like crazy, but all the tutorials I've happened upon have been teenagers using hair wax-- as a 26 year old, I'd like a bit more instruction than "then I swish it around and stuff." ;-) I love your's and would love any tips/product advice you use!! Your's looks FABULOUS!